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NautiLife Ambassador Program

Do you love wine? And sharing it with friends?  If so, this could be the perfect program for you!  We’re looking for a select few to represent the NautiLife brand and create a whole new level of fandom for this eco-friendly California Rosé.  Unlike the complex tiered models out there that require big investment to get started, ours is quite simple:

1. Share your custom code with friends.  

2. They buy wine.

3. You get paid. 

There are no start up kit or product purchase requirements to start selling. And no program dues or participation fees monthly, annually or ever!

This incredible opportunity to be part of an amazing team representing a delicious and innovative wine awaits…

What makes our program different?

Simplicity is our approach to the NautiLife ambassador program. While most programs are built on complicated and layered tiers, ours is focused on making it as easy for you to find success. You make a commission from any purchases used with your code and commissions increase as your sales volume does.  Check out our NAUTILIFE AMBASSADOR COMPENSATION PLAN details for more information.

 No program dues or product purchase requirements. 

Unlike other programs, there are no start up kit or product purchase requirements to start selling. There are no program dues or participation fees monthly, annually or ever!  

Wine you choose to buy will be as “free as possible”.

While there are no purchase requirements, we strongly encourage you to get samples to drink and share!  Unfortunately, the law prevents us from giving away free product to you, so any samples you want to promote NautiLife will be sent to you at wholesale pricing.  We are not looking to make any money from your purchases — an average bottle will cost you $4.  That’s 70% off the retail sales price!

YOU get to enjoy the wine.

Anything you buy is for you to use as you see fit.  Throw a party, post pictures or just drink the wine and share your experiences. 

Start making commission right away.

With no start-up costs, you can start making money right away!  Once you have your sharable custom code you, you can start making money.  And with the wine priced so low for your samples, you can buy a case and break even almost immediately. 

Yep, at $4/bottle plus $10 flat rate shipping you’ll pay $58 for a 12 bottle case.  That’s just $4.80/bottle! Sell four cases to earn back enough to break even and not only are you making money, you have a full case of delicious wine to drink with friends!

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Becoming a NautiLife Ambassador

We are so excited to have you as part of the Nauti team.
Here are a few things we need to cover before we get started:


Get Official:  

Review and accept our terms and conditions and get the legal stuff out of the way.


Introduce Yourself: 

Provide your contact information and answer a few questions about yourself and we’ll send you everything you need to get Nauti.


Get Nauti!: 

We will email you a custom referral code to share with friends, provide you with your discount code to order wine samples at cost and give you access to tools you’ll need to share NautiLife with your friends!